Love, desire and a fashioned poking device.

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オーディオドラマ 「ノヤっさんがモテない理由」



"Why is it that Noya-san is so cool, but still isn’t popular with girls?" Haikyuu!! Bonus CD Vol. 3 Mini Drama

Translations for this Drama CD under cut!! I hope there aren’t any mistakes *sweats* Thank you Emma-san for sharing the audio with us and letting me translate it~ it was a lot of fun!


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Where the Wild Things Aren’t


Don’t linger; the darkness
has eyes, dear, and teeth
and a memory long
as the ocean is deep
I know that you’re tired
your mind begs for peace
but there’s so much more to us
when we’re at our least

Don’t forget to breathe
to catch life in your lungs
Every wasted word spent
leads us further from young
And these modern-day monsters
wait not neath the bed
no- they tunnel their terrors
straight into your head

Don’t grow old without me
don’t grow up within
these four windowless walls
this original sin
that they pass down like heirlooms
from father to son
An inherited end
‘fore we’ve even begun

Don’t go on alone
Millions lost to one sea
When you’re weary and worried
and weak, come with me
We have stars still to sail by
unfathomed below
Don’t linger, don’t forget
don’t grow old, don’t go

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