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Title: Picnics and Ball Games
Prompt: Childhood
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1469
A/N:  I’ve not written this pairing before. I’m not entirely sure I know who I actually am either, so please be kind. eeep

Summary: At an eighth birthday party for a boy he dislikes Hajime Iwaizume gets talking to another outsider, a very smartly dressed boy called Oikawa Tooru.

He was dressed smartly, smarter than the other boys there, sharp creases pressed into his shorts, and a spotless white shirt with a collar.  As Hajime helped himself to another cup cake and a handful of jellybeans, he couldn’t help but think the boy was out of place. It was as if his mum had dressed him for school, and not for a birthday party. Certainly not an eighth birthday party comprising a picnic, cake, and ball games so all the boys could run off their energy.

This boy didn’t look as if he knew what a ball was, let alone be able to kick it and run round while they all played soccer.

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ooo For my first time : 
Best Friend : Asahi - Childhood Friend : Kageyama - Crush on Me : Kuroo (^▽^) - First Kiss : Daichi - Future Husband : Kuroo ; Oh yeah, this is my destiny (≧∇≦)/ - Lover : Daichi - Rival : Yamamoto - High School : Aobajousai - Position : Libero 

And You ? (⌒▽⌒)

Ha ha ha - Not what i would have chosen, but this is fun.

Best friend Takeda Ittetsu (He’s a good drinker and listener - that’ll do)
Childhood  Friend: Futakuchi (ha ha ha - explains a lot)
Crush on me: Kenma (yay!)
First Kiss : Tadashi Yamaguchi (sweeet)
Future Husband: Aone - hahahahahhahahaha OMG I’m scared and thrilled!
High School: Aobajousai (I’m so eliiite)
Lover: Kenma (That crush paid off, darling!)
Rival: Nishinoya (uh … are you after Kenma or Aone?)
Position: Setter (yeah, I’m so cool)

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Imagine Nekoma losing in the nationals. Imagine them bowing and stepping from the court with as much dignity as they can muster even if it’s evident how upset everyone is. Imagine Kenma leaning his forehead against the lockers and saying that it’s frustrating, that it’s unfair, that they could…

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friends turned lovers is literally my favorite trope - like, all other tropes can go home.

give me shared inside jokes that date back to wayyyyy before a first kiss was ever shared. give me living together with separate bedrooms until one of them gradually becomes…

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